Election Day is November 6th
7am - 7pm

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How Props A, B, and C will raise taxes.

The Credit Rating Agencies have already put our City on notice.

“Fitch believes these petitions have the potential to greatly limit the city’s revenue and expenditure flexibility and interfere with management’s ability to operate the city. Successful passage of these petitions, particularly those that make any ordinance subject to referendum and allow the firefighters to require binding arbitration, would lead to negative rating pressure…”

– Fitch Ratings 2018 Report

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Economic Impact Report

The results are in. Steve Nivin, director of the SABÉR Research Institute and an associate professor of Economics at St. Mary’s University, performed a fiscal impact analysis on the charter amendments which he presented to the City Council.

The Propositions

Know before you vote. Use the buttons below to download the full sample ballot for the November 6th election, or to download a PDF which contains the proposition language.

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