San Antonio is the fastest growing city in the country, with the highest possible credit rating.

Props A, B, and C put our prosperity on the line.


Taxes will be raised substantially

You will pay more in taxes and get less


Communities will be divided

Pitting neighbors against neighbors, and council districts against districts


Access to Services will be Cut

Libraries, parks, senior centers, sidewalks, and street repair

How Props A, B, and C will raise taxes.

The Credit Rating Agencies have already put our City on notice.

“Fitch believes these petitions have the potential to greatly limit the city’s revenue and expenditure flexibility and interfere with management’s ability to operate the city. Successful passage of these petitions, particularly those that make any ordinance subject to referendum and allow the firefighters to require binding arbitration, would lead to negative rating pressure…”

– Fitch Ratings 2018 Report

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Join your neighbors in voting NO on November 6th.

Rep. Diego Bernal

“This is a game of chicken that went too far, with the primary goal of eliminating local, neighborhood control. We’ve seen this happen in other places and it has not ended well. We can’t allow cross-city warfare to destroy our thriving community.”

Phil Hardberger

“After years of refusing to negotiate with the City, the firefighters union is retaliating to get what they want, risking billions of dollars and public services. This is not only an attack on City Hall, this is an attack on our entire city.”

Tom Heger

“These referendums don’t place power in the hands of the people, they hand it over to special interests. We shouldn’t take budget decisions away from qualified people we elected to make them.”

Don't let Special Interests Decide for you

The Truth About PROPS A, B, C


Special interests will hijack city resources and cripple for the most vulnerable.

Our vote is our voice, and we should all have an equal say about what happens in our own backyard.

Should 2% of voters dictate decisions that impact our entire city?


Special interests will force their agenda with contracts and budgets rather than

As citizens of San Antonio, we will lose our voice.  

Should we forfeit our vote on how tax dollars are spent?


Special interests are and lowering the caliber of our leadership.

San Antonio is raising the bar as the fastest growing city in the country and the only big city with a AAA bond rating.  We should demand excellence from leaders managing our $2.7 billion budget.

Should we pay more to get less?

Learn more about why you should on propositions A, B, and C.

Press + Media

SA Could Have Tough Time Finding Next City Manager if Charter Amendment Passes, Expert Says

October 18, 2018 – If San Antonio voters approve a charter amendment putting salary and term limit caps on the city manager, hiring the next person for that job would likely be challenging, one expert said.

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Go Vote No Campaign Reports 10,000+ Participated in Tele-Town Hall

October 17, 2018 – More than 10,000 San Antonians listened via telephone to the citywide “tele-town hall” on three proposed City charter amendments Wednesday evening, according to organizers with the Go Vote No campaign.

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Propositions A, B, and C: A Drama in 3 Acts

October 16, 2018 – Early voting starts Monday – yes, already and also, at last – so I want to take one last opportunity to address the issue of the three City charter amendments proposed by firefighters union chief Chris Steele and his allies.

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